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RG001-10-01 Office of the Provost - University Bulletins: Home

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Murray State University
200 Pogue Library
Murray, Kentucky 42071

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(270) 809-6152
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Office of the Provost - University Bulletins

Collection Title: University Bulletins

Series Number: 001-10-01

Department: Office of the Provost

Processed and Cataloged by: Rachel Kim

Date Listed: January 11, 2010

Date Span: 1924-present

Size of Collection: 4.5 linear feet

Number of Boxes: 9 legal sized document cases; 13x27x39 cm

Type of Material: Published materials

Condition of Material: Fair to good with some foxing to older editions

Arrangement: Chronological arrangement

Historical Information: The college bulletins were first published by the Murray State Normal School from 1924 to 1926. From 1927 to 1929, the bulletin was published by the Murray State Normal School and Teacher's College and by Murray State Teachers College from 1930 to 1947. In 1948, the bulletin was published by Murray State College and continued to be published by Murray State University since 1966. The bulletins were printed by locally and regionally owned printers during the early years of the school and later by the college's publications and printing offices. The Office of the Provost has supervised the development of the university bulletin since 1991.

Scope and Content: Collection consists of Murray State University bulletins from 1924 to the present. Included in the collection are bulletins from the Murray State Normal School, Murray State Teacher's College and State College. The bulletins contain general information on colleges, schools and departments, faculty and staff, class descriptions, major requirements, rules and regulations and other important information related to the governance of the university.