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Service Learning: Home

To support the faculty of service-learning classes and provide them with resources for research.

About this guide

Use this guide to learn how you can get develop a service learning course, find publishing opportunities to support tenure and promotion, and learn more about this high-impact educational practice. 

What is Service Learning? 

  • See how Murray State defines service learning
  • Explore other universities' best practices for service learning

Can Service Learning be done online?

  • Best practices and example courses

Peer-reviewed Publications 

  • Find a list of open access and subscription journals about service/experiential learning


  • Find state, regional, national and international opportunities for professional development.

Further Reading

  • Print and e-books available through Waterfield Library
  • Suggest an item to add to our collection
  • Peer-reviewed articles detailing how service learning is used in different disciplines

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This guide is based on one created by Hillary Richardson at Mississippi State University. It has been adapted with permission.

Office of Service Learning

The Office of Service Learning works to provide faculty with academic, co-curricular, and extra curricular opportunities that connect students to the local community and the world through service. 

Service Learning Coordinator: 
Shawna Thomas