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Marketing & Advertising

This guide will help students with research in marketing and advertising.


  • Google Trends 
    Hot Searches keeps a running daily list of what people are looking for. Top Charts keeps similar lists by category for each month (Actors, animals, athletes, etc.)
  • Google Alerts 
    Emails sent to you when Google finds new results -- such as web pages, newspaper articles, or blogs -- that match your search term. You can use Google Alerts to monitor anything on the Web, such as what is being said about a company or product or news about a competitor.
  • Now and Next 
    Top trends in a variety of industries.
  • TrendWatching 
    Free lists of monthly consumer trends.
  • TrendHunter magazine 
  • Urban Dictionary 
    An unofficial, user-generated dictionary that is a great place to find definitions for new slang terms

Social media tracking

  • Google Analytics
    Allows you to measure visits and interactions with your website, including mobile and social.
  • SiteMeter
    Similar to Google Analytics; it allows you to track who's visiting your site and what they do while there.
  • HootSuite
    A dashboard to allow you to manage multiple social media accounts in a single spot.
  • SocialMention
    Real-time search for social media activity.
  • GeoChirp
    Identify Twitter users with similar interests in a particular geographic area.