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Law: Home

This guide is designed for research by students and the general public. It does not explain the law or advise you of your legal rights. You will need to contact an attorney for legal advice.

Quick Start

Welcome to the Legal Studies Research Guide!

The guide provides supplementary research assistance to students within the Legal Studies Minor and Pre-Law Studies.

Researching the law involves discovering judicial cases, statutes and codes, executive orders, congressional hearings, legislative history, administrative regulations and much more. Although many current resources are available for free online through government and other portals, Murray State University Libraries provide databases and other tools which allow for more in-depth analysis and historical research. Use the databases and other resources on this guide to discover the law and the societal (historical, political, cultural, etc) influences on the law's development.

Need Assistance

If you need help with research, please click the Support button or contact one of the Research & Instruction Librarians for assistance.

Katherine Farmer
219C Waterfield Library

Jeff Henry
219A Waterfield Library

Dana Thompson
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Candace Vance
213B Waterfield Library

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