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Library Information for Faculty: Home

This guide is intended to provide basic information about services available to faculty.

Classroom Request & Reservation Form


The classroom contains approximately 21 laptop computers, 21 chair-desk modules, an instructor workstation with a dual monitor computer, and projection for presentations. Single chairs are available to provide some additional seating.

  • Please do not remove laptops from the back of the storage cabinet.
  • Missing laptops must be replaced. You or your group are responsible for replacement cost if it is determined that the equipment went missing during your use of the room.

Reserve Material

Reserves are materials set aside by your teachers for the entire class. These items are available for check out at the Circulation Desk during normal working hours.  

There are three (3) ways to access your instructor's reserve material: by instructor's name, department, and course number. After locating the appropriate materials visit the Circulation Desk to check out the material.

Material  includes books, audio and video cassette tapes, DVDs, compact discs, CD-ROMs, and photocopies of periodical articles or chapters of books. All items on reserve are kept at the Circulation Desk in Waterfield Library and may circulate for limited loan periods during normal working hours.

Course Instruction

Instruction in the use of library materials and information literacy is within the core mission of the University Libraries. The Research & Instruction Librarians hope to make the incorporation of instruction in these areas seamless into your course plans.

Consider consulting your subject librarian for the following:
  • Development of assignments that will require use of library resources.
  • Development of assignments with the purpose of exposing students to different types of information resources that may be available on a given topic. 
Consider including an instruction session from a subject librarian within your course on the following topics:


  • Introduction to collegiate research
    • Freshmen or introductory courses
    • General library and web-based resources
    • Basic research skills
    • Plagiarism concerns
    • Thinking critically about resources
  • Subject-Specific Instruction
    • Majors or graduate students in a particular discipline
    • Tailored to fit specific course needs
    • Both library and web-based resources
    • More sophisticated search strategies and resources
  • Assignment-Based Instruction
    • Any student, any course
    • Focuses on research tools appropriate for a specific assignment
    • Both library and web-based resources


  • In-person:  in your classroom or at the library
  • Via Collaborate or I-TV
  • In-person or electronically at your extended campus classroom

Pogue Library Sessions

  • For instruction using Special Collections, call (270) 809-6152
  • For instruction in law resources, call the Overby Law Library at (270) 809-6758.

Librarians on Canvas 
Contact your Subject Librarian directly for ideas on how to incorporate a librarian’s virtual presence throughout the research process.

Faculty Sessions
Keeping up with changes in information retrieval can be daunting, even in your own discipline. Contact your Subject Librarian directly for personal help with library resources in your area, or for faculty group sessions in your department.

Request a Session

Instruction Policies
All sessions need to be scheduled at least two business days in advance. No sessions will be scheduled with less than a two-day notice. Instructors must be present during requested sessions. We cannot conduct your course in your absence. 

Evaluate a Session
Librarians will provide instructors with an evaluation link to an online evaluation form at the end of the session.

Research & Instruction Librarians

Dana Thompson
Bauernfeind College of Business

picture of Dana Thompson

Megan Wilson
Jones College of Science, Engineering & Technology
Hutson School of Agriculture

Katherine Farmer
College of Education & Human Services

Jeff Henry
Art & Design
Global Languages & Theatre Arts

David Sye
Political Science & Sociology


Candace Vance
Nursing & Health Professions
Community Leadership & Human Services
Communication Disorders
English & Philosophy