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Faculty Development: Google Products

Source for your MSU Faculty Development Needs

Google Art Project


Features artwork from numerous museums with Street View imagery.


Users can also compare two works of art side by side and create their own artwork collection playlist.

Google Drawings

From your Google Drive, click 'Create' then select 'Drawings.'  You can collaboratively create drawings from scratch and/or alter images that you upload.

If you upload an image, you can draw on it and add text. You can also comment and share just like you do in Google Documents.

Start online image-based conversations with your students or have your class collaboratively label an image.

Image Commenting Option in Google Drive

You can add comment boxes to any image saved in your Google Drive account. Simply select the "insert comment" option from the top menu, highlight and drag to resize the section of the image you'd like to comment, then type your comment in the comment box. People can also reply to other people's comments and create a thread.

This can be useful for students to identify and label parts of an image. You can also share the image just like a Google document and invite students to create a discussion.

Google Hangouts

Google + Hangout Resources:

Guide: Google Hangouts for Teachers:

Google+ Connected FieldTrips

Hangouts also works right inside of Gmail. You can upgrade Chat to Hangouts by clicking on your photo icon in Gmail's chat list.

Calendar: Schedule Appointments

Convert Google Docs into Microsoft Word or PDFs

From Med Kharbach's Educational Technology and Mobile Learning:

"To create a PDF using Google drive all you need to do is to click on " create" , "select document". Write your content then when you are done click on " file" ,  "download as" and choose Microsoft Word (.docx) or PDF."

Google Docs

Google Security

Forget to log out of your Google Account? You can remotely do so.

Think someone has hacked into your Google account?  Check!

Click here to learn how.

Google Takeout

Google Takeout:

Gets your information out of Google.  It creates an offline archive of your data. Just visit Google Takeout and select the service(s) you want to archive.

Google Templates

The Google Docs template gallery is a good place to explore.  Make sure you check out the public templates. For example, the Google Docs template gallery has templates for creating bibliographies in APA, MLA, and Chicago Style.

Timer- Countdown

Simply type into the Google search box "set timer" followed by the amount of time. A countdown clock will appear and a beep will sound when the time has run out. To make the timer appear full screen without seeing the advertisements just click the little box icon to the right of the timer.

Tour Builder

Tour Builder:

"Put Your Story on the Map"

To use this tool, you will need to install the Google Earth Browser Plug-in and you need to have a Google Account.

Then, just follow the directions. You will need to name your tour and add a cover picture.  Then, search for your first location and click "add to tour."  Lastly, you will add images, videos, or text to your placemark. (Limit: each placemark can have up to 25 images/ videos). These will be displayed as a gallery.  Then repeat the steps!

NEW: Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer:

"Create engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that can run on any device."--(site)