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What is Pedagogy?

Pedagogy is the art and science of teaching.

Since there is NO single universal strategy that will be effective in all situtaions, different approaches must be used in various combinations to improve learning outcomes. Each strategy might be used more successfuly depending on the learning enviornment, student background, learning style, experience, etc.




Bloom's Revised Taxonomy

4 Types of Knowledge

1.  Factual Knowledge

-Knowledge of terminology
-Knowledge of specific details and elements

2.  Conceptual Knowledge

-Knowledge of classifications and categories
-Knowledge of principles and generalizations
-Knowledge of theories, models, and structures

3.  Procedural Knowledge

-Knowledge of subject-specific skills and algorithms
-Knowledge of subject-specific techniques and methods
-Knowledge of criteria fro determining when to use appropriate procedures

4.  Metacognitive Knowledge

-Strategic knowledge
-Knowledge about coginitive tasks, including appropriate contextual and conditional knowledge


6 Cognitive Processes

1.  Remember


2.  Understand


3.  Apply


4.  Analyze


5.  Evaluate


6.  Create