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Racer Oral Communication Center: Center Policies

Assists students with development and presentation of oral communication projects and tackling communication apprehension.

Who May Use the Communication Center?

Any member of the Murray State community - student, faculty, or staff member is welcome to use the free services of the Communication Center.  

What To Expect During a Session

Review the Assignment

The Consultant will spend time with you discussing the purpose and requirements for your assignment/presentation. If you are working on an assignment for class, it is important to bring the assignment given by your professor. If you have any other information that will help the Consultant understand the purpose and specific requirements of your assignment, also please bring that with you to the appointment.

Discuss the Assignment and Goals

The Consultant will discuss the assignment and your goals for the appointment. It is helpful if you come to the appointment with an idea of what you would like to accomplish during the session. During your discussion, the Consultant will also help you define the areas that you would like to work on during the session, whether it is brainstorming an idea, topic development, research, organization, or help with delivery skills.

Work on Strategies for an Effective Presentation

With the Consultant, you will discuss ways that you can strengthen your skills as a presenter, uniquely tailored to your style of speaking and your needs.  Your consultant will discuss with you, strategies and techniques that will strengthen both the assignment you are presently working on and your overall skills as a presenter. The Consultant may also suggest other resources that will improve your skills as a presenter.

Policies of the Communication Center

  • We welcome walk-ins, but  students with appointments have priority. A consultant will work with you as soon as one is available. However,  we recommend that you make an appointment with the Communication Center as soon as possible. Please realize that there will be times during the semester there will be a high demand and appointments will fill quickly.
  • Appointments are for 45 minute sessions. If you need further assistance, you are welcome to make another appointment during the week.
  • You may book up to two appointments during a week, but not more than one session per day. You may, however, obtain a walk-in session beyond your two booked appointments if a Consultant is available.
  • If you are running late, we will hold your appointment for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes, we will allow another student to have the appointment slot. Remember, your appointment is for the remaining time of your appointment.
  • You may make an appointment for your group, but we ask that at least two (2) members of your group come to the session.
  • If you must break an appointment, please notify the Communication Center as soon as possible.  We ask that you give a 24 hour notice if possible.
  • If you miss two sessions without notifying the Communication Center, you will be prohibited from making further appointments for the rest of the semester. However, this does not mean that you can not use the services of the Communication Center. You may walk-in and wait for an available Consultant to help you. However, students with appointments will have priority.
  • Consultants will assist with general questions about writing and outlining. For more in-depth writing requirements, students will be referred to the Writing Center.
  • The Communication Center will assist with general questions about imbedding video's into PowerPoint or any other presentation program.  However, we do not edit video projects.
  • The Communication Center CANNOT guarantee grades for an assignment.  Our Consultants can assist you in developing the skills for success in the classroom, but grading is dependent upon your performance in the classroom.  The professor will assign your grades in relation to your performance on the assignment.  The Communication Center will not speculate about the grade that you will receive for your assignment.
  • When making an appointment you will need your Murray State ID or M number for records keeping purposes done by the Communication Center.