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About the Libraries

Policy Changes Due to COVID-19

No flyers will be permitted on the vestibule bulletin boards until further notice.

Bulletin Board Policies

The Murray State University Libraries support the rich cultural and educational events that take place on our campus and recognize that the university community is comprised of individuals who have a broad range of communication needs. As a good faith gesture, the Libraries provide in select locations bulletin boards, counter space, brochure racks, or other spaces for posting university-related news. Postings must adhere to MSU Student Life Policy Statement on Intolerance

The University Libraries do not officially endorse or support these postings. In Waterfield, there are two bulletin boards in the entrance vestibule, and one in the exit vestibule.  All postings must adhere to the following policies:

  • Items may not be posted nor brochures and flyers left elsewhere in any library building without permission of the Dean's Office.
  • Items must be stamped at the Information Desk prior to posting.  
  • Materials must be relevant to academics or involve a registered student organization.  Postings for items for sale or non-affiliated social events are prohibited. 
  • Materials will remain up until no longer relevant, or to make space for newer materials.  
  • No more than one posting may go on any one board, for a maximum of three postings per building.
  • All materials will be removed from the boards at the end of the academic semesters.  

The electronic bulletin boards are primarily for library-related events and may include other external announcements as approved by the Dean's Office.