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About the Libraries

Policies List

In this section of our site you can find information on University Libraries' policies.

  • Access Services - policies regarding our interlibrary loan services
  • Bulletin Board - policy regarding the posting of flyers, etc., in the vestibules at Waterfield Library
  • Circulation - policies regarding checkout of a variety of library materials
  • Classroom Usage - policies regarding the reservation and usage of the library classroom
  • Library Visitors - policies regarding visitors who are unaffiliated with the university. Includes policy on unescorted/unsupervised children
  • Privacy - policies regarding how Murray State University Libraries handles private information
  • Social Media - policies regarding best practices while using social media platforms
  • Solicitation - policies regarding solicitation for contributions, signatures, merchandise or other materials (in person or online)
  • Student Info Tables - policies regarding use of tables by student organizations or by students conducting research
  • Study Rooms - policies regarding the use of the study rooms available on the upper level of Waterfield Library