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Using Library eBooks as Course Textbooks: Textbooks available as eBooks

Admin & Supervision Textbooks - ADM

Agriculture Textbooks - AGR

Agriculture Education Textbooks - AED

Archaeology Textbooks - ARC

Art & Design Textbooks - ART

Biology Textbooks - BIO

Career & Technical Education Textbooks - CTE

Chemistry Textbooks - CHE

Communication Disorders Textbooks - CDI

Computer Information Systems Textbooks - CIS

Construction Management & Architecture Textbooks - CMA

Counseling Textbooks - CNS

Criminal Justice Textbooks - CRJ

Earth & Environmental Sciences Textbooks - EES

Economics Textbooks - ECO

Education Textbooks - EDU

Electromechanical Engineering Technology Textbooks - EMT

Elementary Education Textbooks - ELE

English Textbooks - ENG

Health Care Administration Textbooks - HCA

Health Information Administration Textbooks - HIA

History Textbooks - HIS

Honors Program Textbooks - HON

Human Development & Leadership Textbooks - HDL

Humanities Textbooks - HUM

Journalism and Mass Communication Textbooks - JMC

Legal Studies - LST

Library Sciences Textbooks - LIB

Mathematics Textbooks - MAT

Music Textbooks - MUS

Nonprofit Leadership Studies Textbooks - NLS

Nursing - NUR

Nutrition Textbooks - NTN

Occupational Safety & Health Textbooks - OSH

Occupational Therapy Textbooks - OTR

Organizational Communication Textbooks

Philosophy Textbooks - PHI

Physical Education Textbooks - PHE

Political Science Textbooks - POL

Postsecondary Education Textbooks - PSE

Psychology Textbooks - PSY

Reading Textbooks - REA

Religious Studies Textbooks - RGS

Social Work Textbooks - SWK

Sociology Textbooks - SOC

Special Education Textbooks - SED

Statistics Textbooks - STA

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Textbooks - TSL

Telecommunications System Management Textbooks - TSM

Theatre Textbooks - TDA

World Civilizations Textbooks - CIV