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Citation Styles

A guide to some of the citation styles

Citing Periodicals in APA 6th

General Format

Author’s Last Name, Initials, & 2nd Author’s Last Name, Initials. (Year). Title of article:Subtitle of article. Title of Journal, volume number(issue), page range. Retrieved from Publisher's homepage URL


Hall, D. T. (1990). Promoting work/family balance.Organizational Dynamics18(3), 5-18.

Electronic with no DOI 

Mates, B. F., & Strommen, L. (1995).  Why Ernie can't read: 'Sesame Street' and literacy.  The Reading Teacher. 49(4), 300-306.  Retrieved from

Open-Access (free online) with no DOI   

​Tullos, A. (2004, June 8). The Carolina Piedmont. Southern Spaces. Retrieved from​


General Format

Author’s Last Name, Initials, 2nd Author’s Last Name, Initials, 3rd Author’s Last Name, Initials, 4th Author’s Last Name, Initials, 5th Author’s Last Name, Initials, 6th Author’s Last Name, Initials, ... Last Author’s Last Name Initials. (Year). Title of article: Subtitle of article. Title of Journal, volume number(issue number), page range. Retrieved from Publisher's homepage URL.


Santos, M., Szezech, J., Borges, F., Iarosz, K., Caldas, I., Batista, A., & ... Kurths, J. (2017, Aug.). Chimera-like states in a neuronal network model of the cat brain. Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 101 86-91. 

Electronic with no DOI 

de Godoy, I. J., dos Santos, J. F., Michelotto, M. D., de Moraes, A. A., Bolonhezi, D., de Freitas, R. S., & ... Melo Martins, A. L. (2017). IAC OL 5 - New high oleic runner peanut cultivar. Crop Breeding & Applied Biotechnology, 17(3), 10. Retrieved from

Electronic with DOI 

Alejos, A., Weingartner, A., Scharff, D.P., Ablah, E., Frazier, L., Hawley, S.R.,…Wright, K.S. (2008). Ensuring the success of local public health workforce assessments: Using a participatory-based research approach with a rural population. Public Health, 122(12), 1447-1455. doi:10.1016/j.puhe.2008.06.008 

General Format

Author’s Last Name, Initials. (Year, Month Day). Title of article. Title of Newspaper, p./pp. section page range. Retrieved from Publisher's homepage URL

One Author

Richard, G. (2017, July 9). Eating out may be bad for your ears. Washington Post. Retrieved from

Multiple Authors

Redmon, J. & Edwards, J. (2017 July 12). NSA leak investigation; Website to assist with defense after getting leaked documents. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, p. A1. Retrieved from

No Author

MTA-pocalypse. (2017, Jul 12). Glen Cove Record Pilot, p. A2. Retrieved from

General Format

Author’s Last Name, Initials. (Year, Month Day). Title of article. Title of Magazine, volume, page range. Retrieved from Publisher's homepage URL http://xxx.xx


Chamberlin, J. Noverty, A., Packard, E., & Price, M. (2008, May) Enhancing worker well-being: Occupational health psychologists convene to share their research on work, stress and health. Monitor on Psychology, 39(5), 26-29.


Levy, S. (2017, May 5). One more thing inside apple’s insanely great (or just insane) new mothership. Wired. Retrieved from

Citing Books in APA 6th

General Format

Author's Last Name, Initials. (Year). Title of work: Subtitle of work. Publication Location: Publisher.


Shotten, M.A. (1989). Computer addiction? A study of computer dependency. London, England: Taylor & Francis. 


Al-Kodmany, K. (2017). Understanding tall buildings: A theory of placemaking. New York, NY : Routledge. Available from

e-Book only:

Pulos, E. & Jimenez, G .C. (2016). Good corporation, bad corporation: Corporate social responsibility in the global economy. Retrieved from

Whole Book

Darling, M. (Ed.). (2017). Takashi Murakami: The octopus eats its own leg. New York, NY: Skira Rizzoli Publications, Inc.


Carlyle, T. (1995).  The hero as king.  In J. T. Wren (Ed) The leader's companion (pp 53-55).  New York: Free Press.

General Format

Chapter Author's Last Name, Initials. (Year). Title of chapter:Subtitle of chapter. In Editor's Initials Last Name (Ed.), Title of work: Subtitle of work (pp. page range). Publication Location: Publisher.


Haybron, D.m. (2008). Philosophy and the science of subjective well being. In M. Eid & R. J. Larsen (Eds.), The science of subjective well-being (pp. 17-43). NewYork, NY: Guilford Press.


Bellow, S. (1999). A silver dish. In J. Updike & K. Kenison (Eds.), The best American short stories of the century. Retrieved from

Entry in Online Work:

Moseley, Alexander. "Philosophy of love." Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. edited by James Fieser et. al.n.d., Accessed 1 July 2017.

Entry in Online Work (no author):

Heuristic. (n.d.). In Merriam-Webster's online dictionary (11th ed.). Retrieved from

General Format

Editor’s Last Name, Initials, & 2nd Editor’s Last Name, Initials (Eds.). (Year Range). Title of multi-volume work (Vol. Number Range). Publication Location: Publisher.


Wiener, P. (Ed.). (1973). Dictionary of the history of ideas (Vols. 1-4). New York, NY: Scribner's.

Single Volume from a Set

Girard, J.C. (Ed.). (2017).American history through its greatest speeches: A documentary history of the United States (Vol. 2). Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.