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Classroom Reservation: Information for Classroom Use

Policy Changes Due to COVID-19

We are not accepting classroom reservations for 2020/2021 academic year.

Classroom Space


The library classroom (Room 210 ) is to be used for formally scheduled classes, training sessions, workshops, and meetings.  It is not to be used as a group study room. Unsupervised students should not be left in the classroom.

Group Priority falls in this rank order:

  1. library faculty/staff,
  2. campus faculty,
  3. campus affiliated groups.


NO beverages or food are permitted in the classroom.

  • When booking, you may request a table and trash containers in the hallway for refreshments or meals at break times.
  • Tables for individual meals can be used in the library's coffee shop.
  • If you need food delivered for refreshments or meals, please notify the R&I Administrative Assistant or Info Desk staff so that they can direct the caterer. (No food or drinks are allowed IN the classrooms).

Important Information

The library reserves the right to deny further use of the room if guidelines are abused.

As we accommodate classes and groups from across campus, there are occasional problems with timing. If your session's ending time causes a conflict with another booking's beginning time, you may be asked to consider shortening your session to provide that group with time to set up. Thank you.

Scheduling a Classroom

The classroom is available for use Monday thru Friday, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and closing, if not previously reserved for Library classes or personnel. Weekend hours must be individually worked out with the library to ensure the library staff/faculty are present at the time. The room is locked when not in use. Please ask the R&I Administrative Assistant in room 217 or a staff member at the Information Desk to unlock the room for your group, if necessary.

  1. At least one week before use, contact the Research & Information Administrative Assistant to reserve the room. Phone number: 809-4816, Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
  2. The following information must be provided to complete the reservation:    
  • Your name
  • Group or class involved
  • Number of people
  • Mailing/E-Mail address
  • Phone numbers for day-time contact
  • Date(s) needed
  • Time(s) needed:  hours/all day
  • What it will be used for:   example: HR Training

Specific Needs:

  • If you have other specific needs, please discuss those with the R&I Administrative Assistant when booking the room.

Signature of the classroom reservation form indicates acknowledgement and acceptance of the reservation rules and conditions.

Classroom Request & Reservation Form


The classroom contains approximately 21 laptop computers, 21 chair-desk modules, an instructor workstation with a dual monitor computer, and projection for presentations. Single chairs are available to provide some additional seating.

  • Please do not remove laptops from the back of the storage cabinet.
  • Missing laptops must be replaced. You or your group are responsible for replacement cost if it is determined that the equipment went missing during your use of the room.

When Finished with the Classroom

1. Ensure all laptops have been:

  • SHUT DOWN (not simply logged off)
  • Stacked on top of the storage cabinet

2. Make sure desktop computer and projector have been shut down

3. Turn off lights

4. Close door

5. Notify the R&I Administrative Assistant or staff at the Information Desk when your session is over (library staff must check the laptop cabinet if your group has used the laptops, and ensure the room is locked between uses.)

Classroom Reservation

Laura Buchanan's picture
Laura Buchanan
(270) 809-4816

Student Groups / Organizations

Student groups and organizations are welcome to use the classroom.

However, due to the large number of room requests by faculty and instructors for classes, student groups may not reserve the classrooms in advance.

To use a room, the Faculty Advisor needs to ask at the Information Desk if Room 210 is available. The Faculty Advisor must be present the entire time the room is in use. 

Questions regarding this policy should be referred to the Administrative Assistant in the Reference Office.