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Human Development and Leadership: Finding Books

General Information

Circulating Books (books you can check out) are located downstairs.

Once you are downstairs, you will notice that the room is divided into two sections:  the blue side and the yellow side.

The Education section is in the blue side.


Call Numbers for Education Resources:

L= Education (General)

LA= History of Education

LB= Theory and Practice of Education

LC= Special Aspects of Education

LD= Individual Institutions - United States

LE= Individual Institutions - America (except United States)

LF= Individual Institutions - Europe

LG= Individual Institutions - Asia, Africa, Indian Ocean Islands, Autrailia, New Zeland, Pacific Islands

LH= College and School Magazinesa and Papers


Occasionally, materials for education are located within the subject disciplines (English/Language Arts or Mathematics)

Call Numbers for Common Subject Disciplines:

D/E/F/G/H= History, Geography, and Social Sciences

M= Music

N= Fine Arts

P= Language and Literture

Q= Science/Mathematics


Note:  Children's Books are on the yellow side of the room under the call numbers starting with PZ5-PZ90.



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Education Reference Librarian/Curriculum Materials Center Director

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Katherine Farmer
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