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Tutoring Options on Campus: Fee-Based Tutors/Mentors

Free Tutoring

Fee-Based Tutors/Mentors

Fee-Based Tutoring

Due to COVID-19 we will no longer be accepting new requests for tutoring/mentoring for the spring 2020 semester.  If you have already requested this service and have not been paired with a one-on-one tutor/mentor, Paige Barnes (, our program coordinator, will be contacting you with some FREE alternative options for you to consider using for assistance during this time.  We apologize for the inconvenience.   For the latest health updates, visit


The Office of Student Engagement and Success embarks on a new tutoring/mentoring program for all Murray State students.

The Office of Student Disability Services has been offering one-on-one tutoring/mentoring services to individuals with disabilities for over 20 years. Now, through the collaborative efforts of the Office of Student Disability Services and the Office of Student Engagement and Success, we are excited to announce this successful program is now being expanded to provide this highly coveted service to all Murray State University undergraduate students.

The success of this program is centered on the one-on-one attention that students receive. Students are paired with experienced, qualified and successful peers who are equipped to provide specific academic supports, time management/organizational skills, and study strategies. Supports for most 100 and 200 level courses are readily available, and most often, with advanced notice, provisions in upper-level courses can also be arranged.

Students may request 1-6 hours a week of one-on-one tutoring at a cost of $225 per semester for each hour requested:

  • 1 hour a week = $225 a semester
  • 2 hours a week = $450 a semester
  • 3 hours a week = $675 a semester
  • 4 hours a week = $900 a semester
  • 5 hours a week = $1125 a semester
  • 6 hours a week = $1350 a semester

Charges will be directly applied to your student's account allowing for financial aid, scholarships, loans and/or grant monies to cover the expense.  Students also have the option of enrolling in the Murray State University Payment Plan program through their myGate account, allowing payments to be made over the course of the semester. Students may choose between the four installment payment plan and the three installment plan.

For more information please contact the Office of Student Engagement and Success:

Office: 425 Wells Hall, Murray State University

Peggy Whaley, Director


Kate Johnson, Coordinator


The Office of Student Engagement and Success is committed to planning, processing and developing retention efforts for our students.  We hope that interested students will find this service to be a valuable investment in their educational pursuits.