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Let's Go to Spain ( at least)!

This guide can be used for anyone who is wanting to visit Spain, or simply just wants to learn more about the culture.

About This Page

Traveling is a very exciting endeavor that I feel that everyone should try if given the opportunity. However, pandemics are not exactly conducive to these experiences. Luckily, the age of the Internet allows us to go on journeys from the comfort and safety of our electronic devices. Although I was not able to experience the beauty and culture of Spain in person, the resources compiled on this guide have given me a taste of what it would be like to travel to Spain. By navigating through the tabs across the side of the page, you will experience the culture, food, architecture and art, and music of the beautiful country of Spain. 

Traveling Tips

File:Barcelona - Arc de Triomf (2).JPG Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Arc de Triomf is in Barcelona, Spain. Kiki mentions this in her blog.

This website is a travel blog of a young woman, who goes by Kiki, that is well-versed in travel. She has travel tips, photos, and descriptions of many locations, including Spain. Kiki studied abroad in Spain over one summer in college, somewhat spontaneously. She packed her bags, flew overseas from the US, and spent a month in Spain. Kiki loved this so much that she backpacked around Europe for another three weeks after. This experience built her confidence, and her newfound passion for travel got her addicted. She finished college and began to find ways to keep travel a part of her life. Now, many years and many trips later, Kiki started a blog to share her own travel and inspire other young, single women to take on their own adventures abroad

For the Spain section of her blog, she has information about many different cities in Spain, from Barcelona, to Madrid, to Segovia. What I found most interesting on her blogs is her inclusion of perspectives from diverse travelers. She quotes one same-sex couple and their experiences in Spain as part of the LGBTQ+ community. They note that in Spain the laws and perspectives of the LGBTQ+ community are very progressive, so they felt very safe in several areas around the country. In addition to her experiences and the experiences of other travelers, she notes some of the foods, landmarks, and excursions that are "musts" when traveling to Spain. I would recommend this blog as a resource for new travelers that do not know what to expect abroad. She has articles geared toward students, single travelers, group travelers, and more. Her blog actually served as my starting point for my virtual "trip" through Spain.