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Ireland: Educational Video

A library guide for sources on Ireland before traveling to Ireland

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The producer and distributor of this video, Click View, is an educational video resource library. Their purpose is to distribute and share a variety of sources, videos, and references on culturally relevant topics and information. They are dedicated to giving everyone the best source of information that is non-biased and straight from the source, touching on its impacts and importance in all aspects of life.

Irish Music Synopsis

Introducing the Music of Ireland

Publication Date: © 2016
Item #: 161318
Type: Educational Video
Run Time: 13:09
Language: English

The music of Ireland and its people is a core part of their identity and culture, defined by jigs, reels, polkas, Celtic ballads, and so much more. No matter where you go in Ireland, a common and familiar Irish tune rings in the air. This short documentary covers the styles and types of Irish music and dance, as well as the instruments that accompany them. You can also learn more about the history of Irish music and how it has evolved to the mainstream genre that it is today. After watching this, one cannot deny the cultural importance that music has on Ireland, highlighting the roles of Irish poetry, myth, and dance.

Look at popular movies and film franchises that take inspiration from traditional Irish music, like the composer, Howard Shore, and his music from The Lord of the Rings, or Harry Gregson-Williams, and his music from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. As this educational video breaks down each instrument and the styles of music that come from Ireland, listen for them again while you watch a movie or turn on a fantasy-inspired game as the flute carries the melody and the fiddle sets the tempo. The Irish music you'll hear as you walk into local taverns and pubs may now seem less foreign as you find a twinge of familiarity from back home in your living room. Even the hit artists you grew up with and their styles of singing, like the Celtic Women and Enya, take direct inspiration from traditional Irish music and song. So when you go out for drinks or walk downtown, don't be afraid to hum along and clap your hands as music pours from each room, truly embracing the culture and practice of music.