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Ireland: Culture of Ireland Videos

A library guide for sources on Ireland before traveling to Ireland

Wolfe Momma and Ireland

YouTuber Lindsey is a full-time mom of two whose channel covers her own lifestyle, travels, and parenting hacks, along with reviews, tips, and her daily struggles. Before she started her channel, she was a video director, and when she had her first child, she started her channel, Wolfe Momma, as a hobby, as something for her to do that was creative, a bit of fun, and a way to connect with others. With her father being an Irish native and her mom from Canada, she carries a few Canadian traditions with her, but she mostly sticks with her Irish roots and surroundings, giving us a glimpse into Irish life. Under her "Lifestyle" playlist, she covers hacks, tips, and reviews of her day-to-day life, with the highlight of this portion being her insight on Irish culture. She covers simple topics like traditional Irish names and how to pronounce them, all the way to more complex traditions like an Irish wedding. You may have to skip a few videos in order to get to her Irish content, but the small search under that playlist is well worth it and full of enriching content. 

Irish Food

This installment of Wolfe Momma's Ireland series goes over some common food, snacks, and drinks found in Ireland. She also covers what they are called in different regions, the proper way to eat them, and simply what to expect in traditional Irish cuisine. Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or an afternoon snack, she has you covered on what to get and where to go!

Similar to America, they have full-blown meals and funky food combinations that seem crazy on paper, but look delicious in person. There are also a variety of salty snacks, sweet cakes, and warm teas to try from. With such a wide range of options given in such a short video, you know there is a type of food for everyone, and you won't go hungry!

Irish Culture and Customs | Social Etiquette

In this wonderfully detailed video, Lindsey goes over a variety of social and cultural norms that are commonplace in Ireland, as well as a plethora of catchphrases and sayings often used by Irish locals. Anything from drinking traditions to tipping customs or profanity practices to punctuality, all are covered by Wolfe Momma.

Do you have fear and anxiety over insulting someone by accident or without knowing? There is no need to worry as Wolfe Momma makes sure you're in the know on what is the best way of going about life and being polite. Are you uncertain about what is customary at restaurants, hotels, pubs, and public transportation? Lindsey comes in hand again as she breaks down the most important aspect of Ireland's culture and social practices. With this reference at hand, there will be little to no culture shock or being blindsided by daily activities as you walk into new environments and meet their inhabitants. 

Irish Slangs and Phrases

In order to help you understand the local dialect and to be more relatable to the Irish culture, Wolfe Momma breaks down and explains a multitude of saying and phrases used amongst close friends and casual business settings. She gives a great range of phrases that can be used in a variety of social settings and atmospheres, insuring you won't be behind on any conversation out in town. 

With these references and social norms explained and written out for you, there is no way you will become lost on any given topic at any social gathering! No need to ask for locals to repeat themselves or for an explanation, you'll fit right in as if you had visited countless times before. I suggest writing some of these out on your phone or a notecard as a reference as you venture out onto the streets and through the towns of Ireland, meeting a new face everywhere you go.