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Ireland: Documentary

A library guide for sources on Ireland before traveling to Ireland

Rick Steves

Known for his travel blogs, books, and documentaries, Rick Steves is an excellent source of knowledge when it comes to exploring regions outside of America. Rick Steves has traveled to countless countries, taking in their landscape, culture, traditions, and way of life since 2000, where he hosted his hit travel series, Rick Steves' Europe, on public television. He advocates for individualized travel without the use of mainstream tourism in order for the visitor to get a full and authentic experience that's not glamourized or made-up to suit foreign masses.

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Rick Steves’ Europe: South Ireland—Waterford to the Ring of Kerry
Publication Date: © 2002
Item #: 44558
Type: Documentary Film
Run Time: 01:03
Language: English

Ireland, also known as the Emerald Isle or the Island of Saints and Scholars, is a beautiful landscape that encompasses a diverse range of peoples, backgrounds, and cultures. Rick Steves takes a headfirst dive into this atmosphere by exploring various geographical settings, places of gathering and celebration, worksites, and landmarks to help the viewer get a full sense of what Ireland is like. As he continues his journey and strolls through the hills of Ireland, he covers the country's grueling and tumultuous history and shows how it has shaped the very climate of Ireland and its people. This documentary is a bittersweet mix of political struggles, hunger, friendly people, and gorgeous landscapes, allowing the viewer to feel fully emerged in the culture and landscapes of Ireland. 

Rick Steves does an excellent job of allowing the audience to stroll along the banks of the riverside next to him, taking in the view, feeling the cool breeze brush past their cheeks and through their hair. He takes us by the hand and guides us through busy streets, crowded pubs, and quiet villages as he meets new faces that give us first-person access to the true heart of Ireland. The amount of detail shown and spoken of is unmatched and truly gives the viewer a great overall sense and feel of Ireland's land and culture. With this source at hand, it will be like you've already visited Ireland once, and the weather, and space, and culture will come as no shock to you!

Though this documentary is slightly older, it is still an excellent source of general information and cultural relevancy. Some of the names and locations of the breweries, pubs, and factories may have changed, but the traditions and significance around them have not! For a more up-to-date source of specific locations, events, and places, visit his Ireland Travel Guide.

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