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Ireland: Home

A library guide for sources on Ireland before traveling to Ireland



Have you ever been interested in traveling to Ireland? Have you ever wished to completely engulf yourself in its richly rooted culture, traditions, landscapes, and practices?  

If so, you have come to the right place! This LibGuide has everything you need and more to find specific and informative resources for you to review and study before Traveling to Ireland. I found these specific sources to be especially helpful due to their transparency, accuracy, and overall relevance to the lives of Ireland citizens and Ireland's culture. They provide a perfect base of information one needs to expect and prepare themselves for when traveling to Ireland. 

There are three different types of resources, a documentary, a selection of cultural videos, and an educational video at your fingertips that will help you get ready for your trip to Ireland. These materials cover a multitude of aspects that well encapsulate Ireland's climate and culture, allowing you to dive in and truly understand their people and atmosphere. By watching and reading these materials, you can educate yourself on Ireland's traditions, weather, values, cuisines, customs, religions, and so much more. These key bits of information you can find in the LibGuide should play a major role in how you mentally and physically prepare for traveling abroad, allowing you to have a seamless and smooth trip. 


While looking through this LibGuide, a variety of places, towns, and social hubs will be mentioned or referenced. At any point, if you don't know where a specific landmark or town is, feel free to reference this photo of a map of Ireland! It can help you get an overall geographic layout of this beautiful country and help you become more familiar with its surroundings. 

Photo Credit: Wikipedia