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Explore the Best Places of Regensburg - Video

This video is hosted by Karen LeBlanc in a series titled "The Design Tourist."  The video provides a brief history and geographical description before beginning an in-depth tour of the city of Regensburg.  LeBlanc travels with a guide to St. Peter's Cathedral, Hutmacher Hutkönig, Millionaire's Row, Historische Wurstkûche, Christmas markets, and numerous artisan shops all while giving a thorough depiction of their history and specific activities that can be done at each place.  This video was published one year ago on April 23rd, 2020.  Karen LeBlanc is a TV host and journalist who frequently appears on the Home Shopping Network and Fox Business's "Trending Today."  This travel video guide is intended for people interested in traveling to or learning more about Germany and its sights.  Shortcomings of this video could include its first person view, which is slightly opinionated, as well as only visiting a few different sites around Regensburg as opposed to all important and well-known historical locations.  However, LeBlanc creates a majorly informational video and limits her opinions throughout the video, and is able to provide many video clips of the city.  This is an adequate resource to include because it shows a first-person perspective of the different available places to visit and things to do around Regensburg.

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Regensburg, Germany - Travel Video Guide

Expoza Travel hosts a video in which the history and sights of Regensburg are delineated.  The initial sight shown is the famous St. Peter's Cathedral, and the video not only shows numerous photos of the church, but also illustrates the structural changes made to the edifice.  Although this aims to be a travel video guide, the video mainly focuses on the history and founding of Regensburg, with a slight touch on other sites, like the Old Stone Bridge, throughout.  Video clips of Regensburg are seen through the duration of the video, offering a glimpse at life inside Regensburg.

The group or people behind Expoza Travel are unknown, as is the legitimacy of Expoza Travel.  The group describes themselves as a "travel channel" providing videos for travel inspiration.  This video was published in 2015, leaving an almost seven year gap between its publishing and present day.  As aforementioned, the video is aimed at travelers or people seeking more information about Regensburg.  Shortcomings could lie in the authenticity of the Expoza Travel group.  However, as previously noted, numerous video clips are played throughout the video, aiming to offer an accurate look at the city.  This video was selected to give a look at Regensburg through videos as well as provide more information related to those video locations.  

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Historical Sites and Events

Castles Along the Rhine River - Video

This video from DW Travel depicts video clips from a drone flying over the Rhine River.  Beginning with a brief description of the Rhine as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the video progresses into the different cultural sites and landmarks as travel continues down the Rhine.  The video is able to show clips of the castles and describe their history and significance as stops along the river.  In total, the video follows the Rhine River and exhibits the Klopp Castle, Mouse Tower, Niederwalddenkmal Monument, Rheinstein Castle, Stahleck Castle, Pfalzgrafenstein Castle, Loreley Rock, Katz Castle, Maus Castle, Rheinfels Castle, Marksburg Castle, and Stolezenfels Castle.  DW Travel solely describes their significance in history as cultural landmarks and does not touch on potential tourism for any of these spots.

According to their website, DW Travel, or Deutsche Welle, is an international public broadcaster and media outlet in Germany.  They boast about their attention, mentioning "...a new high of 289 million user contacts a week" (Deutsche Welle).  When speaking of their distribution, they add, "We rely on a global satellite network on our roughly 5,000 partner stations, on the internet and increasingly, on mobile distribution" (Deutsche Welle).   Furthermore, the website speaks on their audience: "We reach out to young people, to opinion leaders, to those actively involved in public debate, and to everyone striving to understand what is happening in the world" (Deutsche Welle).  The video does not offer specifics on who contributed to the video; the organization as a whole is simply mentioned.  Deutsche Welle begins their "About" page with the line, "Unbiased information for free minds."  This statement is evident in the video, as factual, unbiased information related to the Rhine River and its castles is presented.  Although media outlets may tend to present a skewed view, DW Travel remains true to their statement and appears to present credible information to the millions of viewers that utilize their media weekly.


The main scope of this book is to provide a young audience with information related to cultural traditions and holidays in Germany.  The book is formatted as a children's book with large print, colorful pictures and graphics, and paragraphs are formulated to be rather short and simple.  The book was published in 2015, although the information included is still relevant, as it is related to historical traditions and holidays.  Lynn Peppas is a children's book author and has written over 50 nonfiction books related to countries and their traditions, current pop stars, American holidays, types of vehicles, and more.  Credentials and background on Peppas are unknown.  Children are the intended audience of this book, which is where one of the potential shortcomings could arise; I viewed this source as a way to quickly get a simple overview of Germany's holidays as a whole.  There is not in-depth information provided for any of the holidays, but this could be a quick way to draw parallels between Germany's holidays and another region's holidays.


Provided by NAXOS of America music library, this is a recording of "Standchen," from the album "Regensburger Domspatzen."  This album is sung by the Regensburg Cathedral Choir, and it is a collection of German Folk Songs, or, "Deautsche Volkslieder."

The Regensburg Cathedral Choir is a historic choir in connection with the Regensburg Cathedral in Regensburg, Germany.  The Choir website states that the cathedral school was founded in 975, and it served as the birthplace of the Regensburger Domspatzen boy's choir; today, it remains " of the oldest and most famous choirs in the world" (Chor, 2021).  The choir's place as a cultural icon within Germany is also acknowledged; the webpage states, "In 2002 the European Choir Federation awarded the Cathedral Sparrows the title, 'Cultural Ambassadors of Europe.'  Without a doubt, they are also a cultural figurehead for Bavaria and Germany.  They are indispensable for the world cultural heritage, the city of Regensburg" (Chor, 2021).  It is evident that the choir serves as a primary source to showcase the musical history of Germany, especially since its roots reach far back into history.

NAXOS is an online collection of classical musical available to users.  More information and songs from this album can be found through Murray State's connection with NAXOS music library: NAXOS: Regensburg Cathedral Choir

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This video shows a traditional Schuhplattler dance, performed by men wearing traditional German clothing.  The description of the video provides a link which describes more about the particular group of men: 

This video was posted by Lutz Klapp, who is a German photographer who has been published in many newspapers throughout Germany, according to his website Presse, 2021).  In the description of the video, there is a link to the website of the group of men dancing in the video - the Kohlrösl-Buam Gitschtal.  This group is a cultural group that belongs to The Kohlröslhûtte, which is an Austrian historical destination built in 1947 that neighbors Germany.  The Kohlrösslhûtte serves as a destination for travelers to increase their knowledge of the area.  The Kohlrösl-Buam Gischtal is a men's Scuhplattler group that is the only Schuhplattler group in the Hermagor district of Austria (Die Chronik, 2019).  The group started in 1948 to carry on the German tradition of the Schuhplattler in the region, as it is very close to South Germany.  The website details the complete history of the group, including its leaders and chairpersons.  Although there are no certain "credentials" with this group, the detailed history shows the authenticity of the group as it carries on the traditional dance.  One shortcoming of the particular group could be its location in the nearby country of Austria, as opposed to Germany specifically.  Despite its location, the group nonetheless aims to showcase German cultural traditions in an accurate manner.

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Must Eat German Food - Video

YouTube group "Travel Beans" travels throughout Germany sampling different traditional German foods while offering their perspective and advice.  The duo travels in the German city Koln and visits several different restaurants throughout the meal, providing the name of each at every stop.  At each meal, the couple shares the name of the dish and the price, gives a brief description or history of the dish, and then shares their opinion of the meal after tasting it.  In total, the group samples the traditional foods of Schweinshaxe, Käsespätzle, Mett, Kartoffelpuffer, Nougatbrezel, Pork Schnitzel, and Flammkuchen.  Because this video is aimed to share the couple's personal experiences on their trip, it is largely opinionated with the intent of offering a first-person view of the meals and travels.

The group "Travel Beans" consists of couple Alex and Emma, who moved to Asia in 2017 to travel as English teachers throughout the West and offer a perspective into their life through their YouTube channel.  No credentials of the pair are noted; instead, they aim to share a personal view of their nomad lifestyle through videos.  Although they lack credentials, the group mainly aims to share their look into their day traveling around the city of Koln to showcase the German cuisine.  It lacks extensive factual information and an in-depth history related to the traditional dishes and instead offers a glimpse at an authentic experience within the city.  Shortcomings, then, can include the lack of ample history related to the foods and the largely opinionated view on the food; this is, however, made clear in the written description underneath the video, so that viewers acknowledge the personal aspect of the article.