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Curated Country Guide: New Zealand

This libguide is meant to inform and aid readers in learning about New Zealand.

New Zealand Economy Explained

Economy of New Zealand Crash Course

This resource was created as of January 27th, 2019 to give a crash course on New Zealand's economy. While it is a little outdated, the YouTube channel that provides the information, IntroBooks Education, provides various courses and materials about this and other information, making it a recognized and fairly reliable source. The purpose of all of IntroBooks Education videos are to advertise their ebooks and audiobooks through their IntroBooks Online Learning Platform.

The "Perfect" Little Economy of New Zealand

This resource was created as of January 18th, 2021 and is provided by the YouTube channel, Economics Explained, which is a channel created to entertain while examining the different pros and cons of each country's economy. Narrated by an economist, the information provided in the video is fairly informative and helpful to understand New Zealand's success and simultaneous "outsider syndrome."