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Curated Country Guide: New Zealand

This libguide is meant to inform and aid readers in learning about New Zealand.



This resource was published on April 3rd, 2019, but provides pretty relevant data in terms of geography of New Zealand as a whole. While some cities population sizes may have shifted, for the most part, the cities and geography have remained the same. This resource is very helpful with understanding the geography of New Zealand and the creator goes pretty in-depth to answer any questions that researchers may have. The creater of this video is Geography Now, which is a creator known throughout multiple forms of social media for giving reliable data about different countries' geographies.


The Rights of Nature: A Global Movement - Feature Documentary

This resource was created March 31st, 2020 and it gives a different perspective on New Zealand's ecology and environmental practices. In a 52 minute documentary, it covers New Zealand while also making comparisons to other parts of the world such as Ecuador and the United States, which provides a fairly in-depth analysis of New Zealand's ecology. The filmmaker of this documentary is Isaac Goeckeritz and it has premiered throughout the world, with subject experts interviewed throughout the film. I think there is a specific purpose for this film, to petition for biodiversity and conservation throughout the world.