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Curated Country Guide: New Zealand

This libguide is meant to inform and aid readers in learning about New Zealand.

Quick Introduction to New Zealand

100% Pure New Zealand: A Welcoming Journey

This video was posted on July 2nd, 2018 and serves as an introduction video to New Zealand that offers images of New Zealand with guided narration describing the country. The authority of this source comes from 100% Pure New Zealand, which is the official coverage for New Zealand's personal website. Because of this authority, the video is aimed towards encouraging tourist activity and warm feelings towards New Zealand, but it does offer beautiful images of the country.

New Zealand | Basic Information | Everyone Must Know

This video was posted on February 12th, 2021 and offers basic information about New Zealand, including it's flag, capital, official languages, etc. The creator provides exactly what is promised on the topic by displaying basic facts about New Zealand alongside images of the country. The creator of this video is First World Peoples. It's difficult to know how accurate the information is as there is very little information about them.