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Curated Country Guide: Ireland: Irish Food

This guide contains a curation of information about Ireland.

What is There to Eat in Ireland?

Youtube duo Daneger and Stacey are taking a Donegal Food Tour for a taste of Ireland. Donegal is giving them a tour that not only helps them experience the foods of Ireland while also teaching them about bits and pieces of the history of Ireland. The various places they visit are more local and small business focused rather than visiting the more popular hotspots that tourist typically go to. The video also shows a lot of scenery of Ireland as they drive from place to place, adding another element to the video. They two share their experiences of tasting the food and interacting with the owners of these establishments to learn more about Irish cuisine and culture. Their trip occurred prior to the COVID-19 pandemic though. With that being said these smaller establishments might have suffered more from the economic impact of a pandemic and may not be open because of that. Their commentary on the food and the establishments are still helpful for someone interested in trying Irish cuisine.