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Curated Country Guide: Ireland: Home

This guide contains a curation of information about Ireland.

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The "Troubles" of Ireland

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Dublin Ireland

Tourism Ireland has created and updates this tourist-based website that provides plenty of information on various locations, hotspots, and trip planning advice for Ireland. This specific page focuses on Dublin, the Republic of Ireland’s capital and home of the Dublin Castle, Guinness Storehouse, Trinity College, and the National Museum of Ireland. Although it is not clear whether Tourism Ireland is government run, the website still provides lots of specific information on the area and it’s history that would be interesting to those who are interested or curious about Ireland’s capital.

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The Cliffs of Moher

This is the official page for the Cliffs of Moher’s visitor center and attraction on the west Clare coast of Ireland. While primarily focused on encouraging visitors to the tourist destination, the cite also provides historical, cinematic, and relevant information on the cliffs and the natural world surrounding them. If one was looking for information on how to go to the Cliffs of Moher or any information on their Global Geopark then this would be a reasonable option to visit. 

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Blarney Castle

This is another tourist driven website that goes in depth on the history of the monument and the cultural impact it had on the region. This also functions as the official page for the Blarney Castle and Gardens where visitors can book tickets online for the attraction, learn more about the history of Blarney Castle, and plan their visit. With that being said, it is driven towards a more tourist based audience. The website also tells of the Legend of the Blarney Stone, stating that if one was to kiss the stone they would be blessed with easy, confident communication skills. If one needed to find more information on any of the history and legends, or needed to learn more about how to visit Blarney Castle, this would be a valid resource to use.

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The Giant's Causeway

On this webpage you are able to book experience tickets, learn how to get to the Causeway, learn about the history and legends about the heritage cite, and much more for the Giant's Causeway. The cite also promotes shopping and dining experiences within the area for visitors to look at and explore during their time at the Causeway. The National Trust is one of Europe’s largest conservation charities that serves to protect and allow visitation to historical properties throughout Europe, with the Giant's Causeway being one of their sanctioned areas. The booking section of the page seems to be updated frequently in order for visitors to book time slots to explore the causeway, but it is unclear whether or not the other information is being kept up to date as frequently.

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The Rock of Cashel

This website offers tourist information for visiting, but also has a gallery of pictures and a bit of history about, the Rock of Cashel in Ireland. Although it is unclear whether or not the website has been updated recently, it does seem that the information remains up to date when it comes to tourist information and ticket sales. Heritage Ireland is a service organization of the Irish government that manages and takes care of many of Ireland’s most important historic places. Overall, they are responsible for some 30 key historic sites and 750 national monuments. The Rock of Cashel is one of their many archeological responsibilities in Ireland. This is a good resource if someone was interested in seeing Irish monuments or learning more about them.

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