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China: Home

A library guide for sources on China before traveling to China.


Have you ever wanted to visit China?

If you have, you are at the right place. This LibGuide contains informative sources to view before your visit. Through research, these sources were collected because of their transparency to see into the life of a citizen in China. It also looks at key aspects of what to expect when traveling to China. 

There are three different types of materials to look at in this LibGuide to prepare you before traveling or getting to know the real China. Those materials are a book, a documentary, and a series of travel vlogs. Each sources provides its own unique description of how to view the country and its people. By reading and watching the content, one can dive into the country and the climate. This is beneficial to any traveler due to they could know customs, values, traditions, and more before going to have a seamless travel experience. It can also lead one to different and variety of places to visit there to get a good sense of the local culture. 


This photo acts as a reference to look back to as you explore the LibGuide. You can review this when you are unsure about China's geography or where something is taking place in the resources.