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Important Notice

As we approach our SACSCOC 5th-year interim report, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness has faced a quick transition that has afforded us an opportunity to re-evaluate the assessment process here at Murray State. In an effort to make assessment feel less like a chore and more like an opportunity for growth, Institutional Effectiveness in collaboration with other university stakeholders, has developed initiatives to make the process easier and more engaging. These initiatives include:

  • the relaxation of certain planning requirements,
  • streamlining of submission and feedback by moving the processes to CANVAS
  • expansion of the University Assessment Committee.

To accommodate these changes and allow for appropriate training, we have moved the due dates for 2017-18 reports, and 2018-19 plans to November 2. The expanded University Assessment Committee will then help provide feedback before Winter Break to get the overall assessment cycle back on a regular schedule.

We are currently updating our contact lists. When finished, we will be begin scheduling information sessions and workshops to convey these changes to the broader assessment community.

Furthermore, it is the joint decision of Institutional Effectiveness and Academic Affairs to limit the number of academic programs for which a single individual can be the primary contact to 3. We believe that the delegation of assessment responsibility will help us increase our internal-stakeholdership and allow for greater opportunities for improvement. 

With regards,

Office of Institutional Effectiveness


Assessment Support 

Workshops and consultations are now available via Google Hangouts. Meetings and consultations are available as one-on-one or with department/unit members. For more information, contact OIE at, or 809-4412. 

Contact Us

Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Brett Shather
Coordinator of Assessment
Data Analyst

Renee Fister
Director, Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

How often am I required to assess goals?

Goals should be assessed annually. All goals and their associated outcomes should be assessed at least once within a three-year cycle.

When are assessment plans & reports due?

Plans are due in October. Reports are due in September the following year.

How many formative & summative assessments am I required to have?

Each goal is required to be assessed through a minimum of two outcomes with one outcome occurring at a formative level and one occurring at a summative level.


Welcome to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness' program assessment guide.

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Please email or call (809-4412) us if you have any questions about the assessment process or if you have suggestions for improving this website.


Friday, November 2, 2018: 2017/18 Annual Assessment Reports are Due

  • Annual outcomes assessment reports for nonacademic units.
  • Annual student learning outcomes assessment reports for academic programs.  
  • Reports include "results" and "use of results" from 2017/18 plans. 
  • Remember to review all sections of the report prior to submission to ensure all fields have been completed. 

Friday, November 2, 2018:  2018/19 Annual Assessment Plans are Due 

  • Annual outcomes assessment plans for nonacademic units.
  • Annual student learning outcomes assessment plans for academic programs.
  • Remember that academic programs must report both formative and summative assessments of learning outcomes. For more information, click here.