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AGR 735 Research Methodology: Start Here

Log into the library

You need to log into the library website in order to access our online resources. We use the university's NETWORK account for this process.

If you have consolidated your passwords, use your MyGate password.

To set up your NETWORK account follow the directions in the document below:

Where to start

If you are not familiar with the subject area or the topic, it is important to first get background information.

Encyclopedias and other reference sources provide a good starting point if you do not know much about your topic. Click to learn about our collection of reference sources.
After you have learned something about the topic, you can find a few books on the subject to get a general overview. 
To Find books:
Search the search box on the library home page to find what we have in our library.

You can also read articles; however, at early stages of your research, concentrate on articles that give a general overview of the topic.

During this initial phase of your research, remember to identify keywords/ concept terms that will help you to narrow your search and find more specific information on your topic.

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