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100T: Science and Agriculture

A introductory guide to university resources for first year students in Science and Agriculture Majors

Developing Keywords

Break down your research question into major concepts

Do Organic Fertilizers pose a health risk to consumers?

  • Organic / Fertilizers / Health Risk / Consumers

Come up with synonyms and variation for your keywords

  • Organic, Natural, Non-GMO
  • Fertilizers, Compost, Manure, Plant Food
  • Health Risk, Medical Danger, Health Hazard
  • Consumers, customer, Buyer, User, General Public

Advanced Search Tips

  1.  Use AND to combine Keywords 
    • Agriculture AND Production
  2. Use OR to add synonyms to your search
    • Production OR Cultivation
  3. Use NOT to exclude keywords from your search
    • Strawberries NOT Shortcake
  4. Use quotations to match exact phrases
    • "Open heart surgery"
  5. Use an asterisk * to truncate words
    • Agri* will search Agriculture, Agribusiness, etc.