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100T: Science and Agriculture

A introductory guide to university resources for first year students in Science and Agriculture Majors

Can I Use a Citation Machine?

Technically yes.

Citation generators can be useful resources when you are working with citations. Unfortunately, these generators are often not 100% accurate and depend largely on the user inputting the information you correctly. Generators are not able to determine if you used the right case usage or edition. If you choose to use a citation machine always double-check your results!

Also, keep in mind that citation generators are often run by for-profit companies that may request payment for their services. 

What style should I use?

What style you use in your papers will largely depend on your professors' preferences, or if you are publishing, the requirements of the publication. However, certain subjects tend to use certain styles.

Agriculture- APA 

Biology- APA or AMA or CSE

Chemistry- ACS / Guide

Engineering- APA or ASCE or IEEE

Mathematics- AMS

Physics- AIP 

Major Citation Styles

APA Resources