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Subject Librarians: Subject Librarians by College/School

Details the library representative from each department. These individuals, who are members of the academic departments, serve as resources for the libraries.

Subject Librarians

Arthur J. Bauernfeind  College of Business - Departments of Accounting; Computer Science and Information Systems; Economics and Finance; Management, Marketing and Business Administration; Organizational Communication

AJ Boston
Room 216B Waterfield
Room 207C Business 


Jesse D. Jones College of Science, Engineering, and Technology;
Hutson School of Agriculture

Pali De Silva
Room 213B Waterfield


College of Education and Human Services - Education

Katherine Farmer
Room 219B Waterfield 
Room 311 Alexander Hall


College of Humanities and Fine Arts –
Art & Design, Modern Languages, Music, Theatre

Jeff Henry
Room 216A  Waterfield 


Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business - Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

Elizabeth Price
Room 212B Waterfield 


College of Humanities & Fine Arts – History, Political Science & Sociology, and Psychology

Becky Richardson
Room 212A  Waterfield 


School of Nursing Health Professions, College of Education and Human Services: Department of Community Leadership & Human Services, Center for Communication Disorders, College of Humanities and Fine Arts – Department of English & Philosophy

Candace Vance
Room 213A Waterfield