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Records Retention Center: Records Retention Schedule

Provides a link to the state Records Retention Schedule for Universities, and contact information if help is needed.


Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Address Information

Murray State University
200 Pogue Library
Murray, Kentucky 42071

Statutory Requirement for Records Retention

As a public agency, defined by KRS 61.870, Murray State University is required by law to establish a comprehensive records management program (KRS 171.680). Public records are defined in KRS 61.870 as documentary materials in all physical formats which are "prepared, owned, used, in the possession of or retained by a public agency."

Records Retention Schedule

The following link provides access to Kentucky's official Records Retention Schedule for Universities. I have provided a table of contents below to aid in locating the section needed.

In each section of the Records Retention Schedule, you will find the titles of different kinds of records, a description of those records, and the retention and disposition requirements for them.


Records Retention Schedule

last updated 1/10/13

Table of Contents

Section Type Pages
A General Records 1-9
B Fiscal Records 10-14
C Awards Committees 15
D Student/Course Records 16-26
E Libraries/Archives/Museums 27-28
F Personnel/Payroll Records 29-34
G Buildings/Grounds/Physical Plant 35-36
H University Housing Records 37
I Athletics 38-39
K Food Services 40
L Bookstore 41
M Campus Police 42-44
O Financial Aid 45
P Real Property 46
Q Medical Records 47-48
R Sponsored Programs 49
T Legal Office 50
U Electronic and Related Records 51-65
V Administrative Sevices Development Office 66
W Animal Diagnostice Laboratories 67-68
X Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory 69

Special Collections & University Archives

           Pogue Library


Contact Info
207 Pogue Library
Murray State University
Special Collections & Archives
Murray, Kentucky 42071
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