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What Is It?

Tegrity is a lecture capture software that records anything shown on your computer, such as PowerPoints, Word Docs, Websites, Images, etc.  

Click on the Tegrity Showcase site to see some examples: 

TECH Info.

  • For PC: You will need Windows Media Player to view the recordings; if you're using Firefox or Chrome, you will need the Windows Media Player plugin
  • For Macs: You will need Silverlight; if you're using Firefox or Chrome, you will need the Windows Media Player plugin

    For Uploading:
  • Make sure that your computer does not go into sleep or hibernate mode during your recording’s upload.
  • Check your internet connection. Tegrity needs an internet connection in order to upload content to the server.
  • Make sure that your recording has been stopped (not paused). Tegrity will not begin uploading content until the recording has been stopped and completed.

How to Add Tegrity in Canvas

Tegrity is already in Canvas. You just need to add it as an "External Tool."

  • Go into one of your courses
  • Click on MODULES in the left-side menu of your specific course.
  • On that page, click the blue Create a Module button. (It's towards the upper right of the whole content area)
  • Give the module a name. i.e.: Important Links
  • Click the + to Add Content
  • From the dropdown menu, select External Tool.
  • Select the Tegrity Recordings option.
  • Scroll down and check the box to "Load this tool in a new tab"
  • Click the blue Add Item button.

However, there are MANY different ways you can share your specific Tegrity recordings to students. This is the easiest way:

  • Click on the Tegrity Recordings link you added in a Module. (This will bring you to your Tegrity Dashboard area)
  • Click the blue "Start a Recording" button towards the upper right to record.
  • After the recording has finished uploading, click the box next to that specific recording (found towards the far right)
  • Still on the far right, click on the 'Recording Tasks' button
  • Click" Share Recording" (this will create a URL for you)
  • A pop-up box will appear (it takes a bit so be patient)
  • Copy that URL in the first box
  • Add it in your Module by clicking on the gear icon, then selecting +Add Content
  • Select External URL
  • Paste it in and name it


Uploading Your Tegrity Video to YouTube