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FACULTY DEVELOPMENT: Anonymous Student Feedback

Source for your MSU Faculty Development Needs

Anonymous Student Feedback


The purpose of this form of feedback is to help you meet your students' learning objectives. Waiting until the end of the semester to get stduent feedback is too late for that group of students.  Soliticing feedback towards the beginning or mid-semester allows you to hear student comments while there is still time to make possible changes.

This teaching evaluation comprises of gathering student information as well as an individual consultation with the instructor.  Typically, I visit your class towards the end of a course session and talk with students for about 15 minutes.  While you're out of the room, I ask students to get into small groups and ask them to answer 4 questions:

  1. "What are the main learning goals for this course?"
  2. "What aspects of this course and instruction are the most helpful in your learning?"
  3. "What changes to this course would help you learn more effectively?
  4. Why?"

I then ask the whole class to share and explain their responses, identifying areas of agreement and disagreement.  I compile everything in a document to give to you at our consultation. It's at this time where we will discuss the student comments, identify things that are going well as well as things that aren't, and then explore a course of action for possibily revising your course and/or instruction.

Results are confidential. However, you may like to include them as supplemental evidence of succesful teaching in your Performance Evalutaions and Promotion and Tenure packets.


Lilia Murray