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FACULTY DEVELOPMENT: Multiple Intelligences

Source for your MSU Faculty Development Needs

Multiple Intelligences: "8" Learning Styles (Howard Gardner)

1. Linguistic Learner

  • prefers to: read, write and work with words.
  • is good at: memorizing dates, names, etc.
  • learns best by: seeing, hearing and saying words.

    Ask yourself: How can I use the spoken or written word?

2. Logical/Mathematical Learner

  • prefers to: do experiments, explore patterns and relationships, figure how things work, deal with numbers.
  • is good at: math and problem solving.
  • learns best by: organizing, classifying and working with patterns and relationships.

    Ask yourself: How can I bring in calculations, classifications, logic, numbers, or critical thinking?

3. Spatial Learner

  • prefers to: draw, create and design things, look at images, watch videos.
  • is good at: imagining things, creating or designing things.
  • learns best by: visualizing, working with images or film.

    Ask yourself: How can I use images, color, art, or visual organizers?

4. Musical Learner

  • prefers to: listen or play music.
  • is good at: keeping time, rworking with melodies, rhtyhm and pitch.
  • learns best by: hearing rhythms or pitches, music.

    Ask yourself: How can I bring in sounds, music, or deliver important concepts rhythmically or melodically?

5. Bodily/Kinesthetic Learner

  • prefers to: move, touch and talk with a lot of body motion.
  • is good at: physical activities such as dance or sports and crafts.
  • learns best by: moving, touching, interacting with space.

    Ask yourself: How can I involve touch via hands-on experiences or by using the body?

6. Naturalistic Learner

  • prefers to: be outside, with animals, plants, weather.
  • is good at: taking care of live things, preservation, and conservation.
  • learns best by: being in a natural setting.

    Ask yourself: How can I involve learning outside of the physical classroom?

7. Interpersonal Learner

  • prefers to: be very social, join groups.
  • is good at: dealing with people, leading, organizing, communicating.
  • learns best by: doing group work, sharing, presenting, interviewing.

    Ask yourself: How can I incorporate student cooperative and peer learning or small group experiences?

8. Intrapersonal Learner

  • prefers to: work privately and independently.
  • is good at: self-reflection, pursuing goals and being original.
  • learns best by: working alone, individualized projects, self-paced instruction.

    Ask yourself: How can I promote student self reflection?