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Racer Oral Communication Center: Services

Assists students with development and presentation of oral communication projects and tackling communication apprehension.


Click on the Schedule Appointment button below to meet with one of the ROCC Consultants!

NOTE: There are two concurrent 45-minute times slots each hour the ROCC is open. 

NOTE: Booking appointments with the ROCC should be made through this site or the LIB CAL weblink. Any other appointment recording software like appointmentplus will no longer work, to schedule an appointment with the center you must use this link.

NOTE: The ROCC will open 8/26/2019 and close for the semester on 12/5/2019.  The center closes for finals week. 


Services Available:

  • Idea generation and planning
  • General assistance with outlining
  • Assistance with research
  • Development of topic and support
  • One-on-one practice regarding your speaking and presentation skills
  • Team consultations 
  • Dry-run practice performance of presentations  (45 minute sessions where a presentation is practiced and feedback is given on delivery skills, content, organization and slides)
  • Recording of presentation 

Through meeting with our consultants, you can:
  • Learn  strategies for dealing with public speaking anxiety
  • Develop your delivery skills
  • Learn to produce interactivity in presentation
  • Develop effective Power Point slides
  • Learn to organize ideas with emphasis on key material
  • Effectively support your ideas with strong research