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The Murray State University Libraries serve as the intellectual commons of the university.  By providing traditional and evolving services, resources and information literacy instruction in a space conducive to diverse learning needs, we prepare the university community to effectively navigate and apply a world of information, media and technology.


The University Libraries respond to the Murray State University’s Vision, Mission and Value Statements by (each of these is equally weighted):

  • Providing instruction in information, media and technological literacy skills using appropriate instruction methods and tools to teach the university community how to find, assess and use information;
  • Supporting the curricular and research needs of the university community through continually acquiring, maintaining, preserving and managing access to quality materials in varying formats, as determined by effective collection assessment;
  • Adapting physical and virtual spaces to the changing technological and learning needs of the university community through maintaining, and planning for new, responsive learning environments.

In order to accomplish the above, we must:

  • Foster the growth and development of new and existing partnerships, within and outside of the university, in order to enrich and expand the services offered by the University Libraries;
  • Retain and provide for the continued professional growth of highly qualified and dedicated faculty and staff;
  • Seek funding that supports the operations, collections and facilities of the University Libraries through external fundraising efforts and adjustments in budget allocations. 

Value Statements

  • Fostering Excellence

We work to foster excellence through: the assurance of open access to information for the university community, regardless of format or user location; a strong dedication to public service from an enthusiastic and professional faculty and staff; a commitment to promote skills in technology, media and information literacy; the use of innovative technologies and services in support of productivity and wider accessibility to information resources and collections; constant planning and assessment of library resources and services; and responsible leadership and accountability. 

  • Creating Community

We work to create community through:  providing adaptable learning environments that are responsive to the evolving needs of the university community; hosting regional events and providing community learning opportunities; and encouraging the generation and free exchange of ideas by providing access to a diverse range of resources and information that encompass many viewpoints.

  • Building Partnerships

We work to build partnerships through participating in and seeking new local, state, and global collaborations that: encourage consortial and cooperative development to expand resource effectiveness; promote technological, media and information literacy; and improve academic library services to the university community.

Waterfield Library Address

Waterfield Library Dean's Office

205 Waterfield Library

Murray, KY 42071

Phone: 270-809-2291

Fax: 270-809-5609

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