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RG028-11-47 Accounting Ledgers: Home

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Accounting Ledgers

Collection Title: Accounting Ledgers


Series Number: RG028-11-47


Department: Accounting and Financial Services Office


Processed and Cataloged by: Processed by Dieter C. Ullrich in October of 2011.


Date Listed: October 11, 2011


Date Span: 1923-1970


Size of Collection: 15 linear feet.


Number of Boxes:  19 oversized ledger boxes and 2 loose ledgers.


Type of Material: Accounting ledgers.


Condition of Material: Good.


Arrangement: Organized by size of ledger; Chronological arrangement.


Historical Information: Accounting and Financial Services Office was first established at Murray State Teachers College (presently Murray State University) as the Business Office in 1930. Prior to that date the school accounting records were kept by the President and Dean’s Office. The Business Office later became part of Auxiliary Services and then reorganized and separated into Accounting and Financial Services.      


Scope and Content: Collection consists of bound ledgers produced by the accounting offices of Murray State Normal School, Murray State Teachers College, Murray State College and Murray State University from 1923 to 1970. The collection contains records of cash receipts and expenditures (1923-1948), check registers (1923-1953), state appropriations (1940-1957), Athletics Department receipts (1935-1954), Norris Student Loan Fund (1925-1970) and various records on disbursements, allotments and encumbrances (1960-1965).

Subject Headings / Descriptors:

Murray State University. Accounting and Financial Services.

Murray State University – History.

Murray State University – Finance.

Murray State University – Administration.

Inventory of RG028-11-47

Inventory of Collection


Accounting and Financial Services Offices

Accounting Ledgers

Inventory by Dieter C. Ullrich

Box 1

Cash Receipts, 1923-1939

Cash Receipts, 1939-1948


Box 2

Cash Expenditures, 1927-1929

Cash Expenditures, 1929-1931


Box 3

Cash Expenditures, 1933-1935

Cash Expenditures, 1935-1936


Box 4

Cash Expenditures, 1936-1937

Cash Expenditures, 1937-1939


Box 5

Cash Expenditures, 1939-1941


Box 6

Cash Expenditures, 1941-1943


Box 7

Cash Expenditures, 1943-1944

Cash Expenditures, 1944-1946


Box 8

Cash Expenditures, 1946-1947


Box 9

Revenue and Receipts, 1960-1965


Box 10

State Appropriations, 1940-1941

State Appropriations, 1955-1957


Box 11

Check Register, 1926-1928

Check Register, 1929-1934


Box 12

Check Register, 1934-1939

Check Register, 1940-1948


Box 13

Check Register, 1949-1953


Box 14

Norris Student Loan Fund, 1925-1970


Box 15

Accounts by Code, 1942-1946

Receipts for dining hall and farm cannery, 1943-1947

Receipts for dining hall and farm cannery, 1947-1961


Box 16

Accounts Ledger, 1924-1930


Box 17

Football / Basketball Season Ticket Sales, 1935-1938

Athletic Department Receipts, 1936-1954


Box 18

Construction and Maintenance Accounts, 1923-1937

Check Register, 1923-1925


Box 19

Cash Expenditures, 1923-1927


Loose Ledgers

State Appropriations, 1942-1955

Disbursements, allotments and encumbrances, 1960-1965

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