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Murray State University

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Murray, Kentucky 42071

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Buildings and Grounds Photographs

Collection Title: Buildings and Grounds Photographs


Digital Link: Jackson Purchase Digital Archives - Murray State Buildings & Grounds


Series Number: RG002-11-39


Department: Department of Journalism and Communications


Processed and Cataloged by: Processed by Jonathan Byrn on August 17, 2011.


Date Listed: August 17, 2011


Date Span: 1924-1990s


Size of Collection:  3.25 linear feet.


Number of Boxes:  6 letter size document cases and 1 letter half size document case.


Type of Material: Photographs, postcards and negatives.


Condition of Material: Good.


Arrangement: Organized alphabetically by name of building; Chronological arrangement.


Historical Information: The Buildings and Grounds Photographs is a collection of images acquired from various departments and offices on the Murray State University campus from the 1970s to the present. The bulk of the collection was located in the Department of Journalism and Communications which managed the student newspaper, published the yearbook and printed early promotional materials.  


Scope and Content: Collection consists of photographic prints, postcards, drawings and negatives of the buildings and grounds on the campus of Murray State University from the 1924 to 1990s. The collection also contains photographs and negatives of the Wickliffe Burial Grounds, Fort Heiman and other structures and properties associated with Murray State University.


Subject Headings / Descriptors:

Murray State University – History.

Murray State University – Pictorial works.

Murray State University – Buildings.

Murray (Ky.) – Pictorial works.

Calloway County (Ky.) – Pictorial works.

Inventory for RG002-11-39

Inventory of Collection


Department of Journalism and Communications

Buildings and Grounds Photographs 1924-

Filed by Jonathan Byrn

August 17, 2011


Box 1

1        Aerial Views of Campus 1935

2        Aerial Views of Campus 1940’s

3        Aerial Views of Campus 1950’s

4        Aerial Views of Campus 1960’s

5        Aerial Views of Campus 1970’s

6        Aerial Views of Campus 1980’s

7        Aerial Views of Campus 1990’s

8        Special Education Building Alexander Hall (Old)

9        Alexander Hall

10    Alumni Center (Easley)

11    Applied Science and Technology (1965)

12    Athletic Field prior to building of Cutchin Stadium

13    Baptist Student Center Property (old center 1948)

14    Blackburn Science Building (Original 1949, Addition 1968)

15    Bookstore (15th Street Location)

16    Breathitt Veterinary Center

17    Business and Education Building (Construction, Exterior, Interior, Addition)

18    Regional Special Events Center (CFSB Center) (Construction, Exterior, Interior)

19    Campus Plan/ Murray State Normal School (Never Materialized) drawn by Joseph & Joseph

20    Campus Scenes Early 1920’s

21    Campus Scenes 1930’s Prints

22    Campus Scenes 1930’s Negatives

23    Campus Scenes Mid 1930’s


Box 2

1        Campus Scenes 1950’s

2        Campus Scenes 1960’s

3        Campus Scenes 1970’s

4        Campus Scenes 1980’s

5        Campus Scenes 1990’s

6        Carman Agricultural Pavillion

7        Carr Health Building

8        Cherry Exposition Center

9        Central Heating Plant (Old) 1927-1977

10    Central Heating Plant 1978

11    Clark Hall

12    College Courts

13    College Well (1927)

14    Collins Industry and Technology

15    Curris Center

16    Racer Arena, Cutchin Fieldhouse

17    Cutchin Stadium (Construction, Use 1930’s-1970’s, Demolition, Commemoration)

18    Doran House

19    Dorm Master Plans (Regents and White Halls?)

20    Doyle Fine Arts Center


Box 3

1        Elizabeth Hall

2        Maintenance Building Facilities Management Complex

3        Home Management House (Faculty Club)

4        Faculty Hall

5        Fifteenth Street (Circa 1963 & 1983)

6        Fine Arts (Old) (Exterior, Interior, Fire Damage, Reconstruction, Dedication)

7        Five Points Sign

8        Gatlin House

9        General Services Building (Construction)

10    Greenhouse

11    Hancock Biological Station

12    Hart Hall

13    Hester Hall

14    Historical Marker (1972)

15    Housing Office (Waldrop Drive) *Torn Down

16    Howton Agricultural Engineering

17    Hut Restaurant (Original) 1930’s

18    Hut Restaurant (2nd) 1970’s

19    Lovett Auditorium under construction (old)

20    Lovett Auditorium exterior view (Recent)

21    Lovett Auditorium interior views

22    Lovett Auditorium cleanup following Fine Arts fire (1994)

23    Lovett Auditorium Negatives


Box 4

1        Lowry Center (Construction, Exterior, Interior)

2        Lowry Center- Jesse Stuart Room

3        Mason Hall Nursing Building

4        Married Housing 1950’s

5        Miller Golf Course

6        Nash House

7        Thomas P. Norris Home, 1931

8        Pedestrian Bridge (Curris Center)

9        Pogue Library (1930’s)

10    Pogue Library (3x4’s, 5x7’s)

11    Pogue Library Exterior (8x10’s)

12    Pogue Library Negatives (1930’s)

13    Pogue Library Interior (1930’s)

14    Pogue Library Interior Shots (prior to 1978 move) 1950’s-1970’s

15    Pogue Library Interior (1980 & 1996 renovations) 1980’s-1990’s

16    Pogue Library Interior Negatives (1930’s)

17    Pogue Library- Jesse Stuart Room


Box 5

1        Oakhurst (4x5’s, 5x7’s)

2        Oakhurst Exterior, Interior (8x10’s)

3        Ordway Hall (Construction, Early, Interior, Exterior)

4        Reagan Baseball Field

5        Regents College

6        Richmond College

7        Shoe Tree

8        Simpson Child Development Center

9        Sparks Hall

10    Springer Hall

11    Stewart Stadium

12    Stubblefield Gate

13    Swann Dorm Complex

14    Tea Room (off-campus eatery)

15    Telescope (1930)

16    Tennis Courts (various locations)

17    Training School

18    Boy Scout Museum Trio Building

19    Industrial Arts Shop Building 1947, Visual Arts Building

20    University Farm- North 16th

21    University Farm- West


Box 6

1        Waldrop Street House Public Safety

2        Waterfield Library

3        Waterfield Student Union Building

4        Wells Bronze Statue October 1997

5        Dr. Wells’ Cabin at Fort Heiman

6        Wells Hall Interior

7        Wells Hall Exterior

8        Wells Hall Negatives

9        Wells Memorial 1960-1995

10    Wesley Center (New)

11    White Hall

12    Wickliffe Mounds

13    Wilson Hall

14    Winslow Cafeteria

15    Woods Hall


Box 7

1        Wrather Museum (Hall) Interior

2        Wrather Museum (Hall) Exterior

3        Wrather Museum (Hall) Negatives

4        Unidentified

Inventory of RG002-11-39 - PDF

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