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Murray, Kentucky 42071

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John C. Waters Papers

Collection Title: John C. Waters Papers


Series Number: MS88-01


Processed and Cataloged by: No record exists on who originally processed the collection or what date it was processed.


Date Listed: July 14, 2010


Date Span: 1923-1967


Size of Collection: 7.0 linear feet.


Number of Boxes: 11 legal size document cases and 3 oversized boxes.


Type of Material: Manuscripts, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks and photographs.


Condition of Material: Fair with some foxing and fading due to aging and improper storage.


Arrangement: Organized alphabetically by subject title; Chronological arrangement.


Biographical / Historical Information: John C. Waters was a local historian from Murray, Kentucky. He was born in October of 1908 at Hohenwald, Tennessee. His parents relocated to Murray when he was child. He attended local public schools and graduated from Murray High School in 1926. Following graduation, he worked for an oil business in Calloway County and later as assistant superintendant of maintenance and operations at Murray State University. He was instrumental in movement to preserve the Calloway County Courthouse and was the founder of the Jackson Purchase Historical Society. He also wrote numerous articles on regional history for local newspapers and publications. He died on May 19, 1967.


Scope and Content: Collection consists of typescript manuscripts and handwritten research notes kept by Calloway County, Kentucky historian John C. Waters from 1923 to 1967. The papers contain subject files, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks and photographs. Subject areas of interest include Early Settlers to Calloway County, Civil War, Night Riders, Nathan B. Stubblefield, Church and Family histories and the Jackson Purchase Historical Society. 


Subject Headings / Descriptors:

Waters, John C., 1908-1967.

Calloway County (Ky.) – History.

Murray (Ky.) – History.

Jackson Purchase (Ky.) – History.

Calloway County (Ky.) – Genealogy.

Kentucky – History – Civil War, 1861-1865.

Night Riders.

Stubblefield, Nathan Beverly, 1860-1928.

Jackson Purchase Historical Society – History.

Box List

Box 1

  1.  Cemeteries- Vol. 1
  2.  Cemeteries-  Vol. 2
  3.  Cemeteries- Vol. 3
  4.  Cemeteries- Vol. 4
  5.  Cemeteries- Vol. 5
  6.  Cemeteries- Vol. 6
  7.  Cemeteries- Vol. 7
  8.  Cemeteries- Vol. 8
  9.  Cemeteries- Lassiter, Arnold Fakes
  10.  Cemeteries- Various

Box 2

  1.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- A
  2.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- B
  3.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- C
  4.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- D
  5.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- E
  6.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- F
  7.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- G
  8.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- H
  9.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- I
  10.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- J
  11.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- K
  12.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- L

Box 3

  1.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- M
  2.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- N
  3.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- O
  4.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- P
  5.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- R
  6.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- S
  7.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- T
  8.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- U
  9.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- V
  10.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- W no.1
  11.  Genealogical and Biographical Notebooks- W no. 2

Box 4

  1. Biographical Data Calloway County, KY Citizens
  2. Early Biographical Sketches of Murray and Calloway County Citizens Vol. I
  3.  Early Biographical Sketches of Murray and Calloway County Citizens Vol. II
  4.  Biographies Various
  5.  Doctors Calloway County
  6.  Cemeteries Wadesboro
  7.  Cemetery Records Various
  8.  Church Histories Various
  9.  Congressmen- Kentucky
  10.  Court House Calloway County
  11.  Diggs, Pud Letter (Crimes/Hanging)
  12.  Fair-Calloway County
  13. Calloway County Postmasters
  14. History of Jackson Purchase, Wadesboro, and Murray, KY

Box 5

  1.  Marriage Records
  2.  History of Marshall County Kentucky
  3.  Marshall Co. History
  4.  Misc. Records Calloway Co.
  5.  Miscellaneous Information- other Sources- Why Know W. Ky Project "Trucking Lines in W. Ky" Filson Club Sources (?)
  6.  Newspaper Histories Murray and Calloway Co.
  7.  Newspaper Abstracts
  8.  Old Newspaper Abstracts, Murray, Ky
  9.  Newspaper Abstracts Vol. III

Box 6

  1. -Biography
  2.  Notes
  3.  Obituaries Calloway Co. 1907-1918
  4.  Obituaries and Genealogy Vol. II
  5.  Deaths of Calloway County Citizens
  6.  Tornadoes Calloway and Marshall County
  7.  The Life and Works of Nathan B. Stubblefield
  8.  Wadesboro and John L. Murray
  9.  Yellow Fever Hickman, KY
  10. Original Writings

Box 7

  1.  Murray Now and Then
  2.  History Notes on Calloway County Started in 1929 Vol. I
  3. Old Murray and Calloway History
  4.  Memoirs of John G. Miller Early Murray History
  5.  History Notes on Calloway County Started in 1929 Vol. II
  6. Calloway County- Civil War
  7.  The Civil War as it Relates to Calloway County, KY
  8.  Civil War
  9.  Civil War
  10.  Civil War Island no. 10
  11.  Civil War notes
  12.  Civil War Various

Box 8

  1.  Early Calloway and Murray History
  2.  Notes on Calloway County History Vol. I
  3.  Calloway and Murray History Vol. III
  4.  History of Calloway County KY
  5.  History of Murray State College, The First 20 Years
  6.  Government Land Grants in Calloway County KY Vol. IV
  7.  Early Land Transactions of Calloway County, KY Deed Books A+B Will Book B
  8. Murray-History
  9. Calloway County-History

Box 9

  1.  Calloway County Families Blalock, Banner, Brown, Bryne
  2.  Calloway County Families Cherry
  3.  Calloway County Families Cook
  4.  Calloway County Families Curd
  5.  Calloway County Families Dees, Diuguid, Egner
  6.  Calloway County Families Ford, Forrest, Hardin, Harding
  7.  Calloway County Families Hay, Holland
  8.  Calloway County Families Holsapple
  9.  Calloway County Families Holt
  10.  Calloway County Families Hurt, Jones, Ligon
  11.  Calloway County Families Nold, Page, Prentiss
  12.  Calloway County Families Russell, Ryan
  13.  Calloway County Families Shearman, Short, Spann
  14.  Calloway County Families Standefer, Stewart, Tapscott
  15.  Calloway County Families Thompson, Thornton, Tipton
  16.  Calloway County Families Utley, Utterback
  17.  Calloway County Families Wade, Walters, Weatherford
  18.  Calloway County Families Waters folder 1
  19.  Calloway County Families Waters folder 2
  20.  Calloway County Families Wilcox
  21.  Calloway County Families Williams, Worsham
  22. Calloway County- Genealogy
  23.  Genealogy of Calloway County Families

Box 10

  1.  Scrapbook 1, Calloway County Fair, Courthouses
  2.  Scrapbook 3, History of Calloway County
  3.  Scrapbook 2, Murray Male and Female Institute
  4.  Scrapbook 4, History of Calloway County
  5.  Nathan B. Stubblefield Scrapbook pgs.
  6.  Hickman County-History
  7.  Kentucky Authors-Basil Davenport
  8.  Kentucky Authors-George Elliston
  9.  Kentucky Authors- Henry Harvey Fuson
  10.  Kentucky Authors- Mary Lanier Magruder
  11.  Kentucky Authors-Archibald Thomas Robertson
  12.  Kentucky Authors-Elvira Miller Slaughter
  13.  Kentucky Authors-Samuel M. Wilson
  14.  Kentucky Authors- Miscellaneous
  15.  Kentucky Authors- West Kentucky
  16.  Kentucky Authors- Irvin S. Cobb-Newspaper Clippings
  17.  Kentucky Authors-Miscellaneous-Newspaper Clippings

Box 11

  1.  Jackson Purchase Early County History
  2.  Members of Jackson Purchase Historical Society
  3.  Jackson Purchase Historical Society Newspaper Articles
  4.  Jackson Purchase Historical Society Scrapbook
  5.  Jackson Purchase Historical Society Various
  6.  Jackson Purchase Historical Society Various
  7.  Deeds-Calloway County from Bks 1,2,3,A
  8.  Land Grants West of TN River Selected Records

***Unnumbered Oversized Boxes*

Scrapbook of Waters’ Writings Beg. 1930s

  • Scrapbook pages


  • Scrapbook of photographs


  • Scrapbook of photographs


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