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MS16-08 Bob Lochte Research Work: Home

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Murray, Kentucky 42071

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Bob Lochte Research Work

Collection Title: Bob Lochte Research Work


Series Number: MS16-08


Processed and Cataloged by: Reagan Meredith


Date Span: Research frame: early 1900s, Years of Research: 1990s-2000s


Size of Collection: 3.5 linear feet.


Number of Boxes: 5 regular boxes, 1 oversize box


Type of Material: Correspondence, newspaper articles, photographs, book draft, final book copy, research articles and books


Arrangement: Chronological and alphabetical arrangement.


Biographical / Historical Information:  Dr. Bob Lochte was a professor at Murray State University. He conducted research during his time at Murray State regarding Nathan Stubblefield and wrote a book entitled Kentucky Farmer Invents Wireless Telephone! But Was It Radio? Facts and Folklore About Nathan Stubblefield. Upon his retirement, Dr. Lochte donated a copy of his book and his research to the Murray State archives.


Scope and Content: Included in the collection are a draft of Dr. Lochte’s book with pictures, correspondence to and from Dr. Lochte about his research, articles written by Dr. Lochte about his research. Also included are pictures taken by Dr. Lochte at sites significant to Stubblefield and the research. Newspaper articles from both during Stubblefield’s life and about Lochte’s book are also included. Also contains information about Dr. Lochte’s research on American religious radio.


Box List:

Box 1

  1. Book Draft With Pictures
  2. Correspondence
  3. Lochte’s Stubblefield Facts and Folklore Rough Draft
  4. Lochte’s Papers and Articles
  5. Magazine Articles (1)
  6. Magazine Articles (2)
  7. Pictures

Box 2

  1. Research Articles for Ch. 9
  2. Research Articles for Ch. 10
  3. Research Articles for Ch. 11
  4. Research Articles for Ch. 12
  5. Research Articles for Ch. 14
  6. Research: Papers (1)
  7. Research: Papers (2)
  8. Research: Papers (3)
  9. Research: Papers (4)
  10. Research: Papers (5)
  11. Research: Notes and Articles (1)
  12. Research: Notes and Articles (2)
  13. Research: General Scans
  14. Schematics

Box 3

  1. Articles on blues music
  2. Articles on soul music
  3. Unpublished screenplay by Robert Wright Penn and Max Shulman
  4. Smithsonian Fellowship
  5. Various radio patents

Box 4

  1. Fiber optics information
  2. Religious Broadcasting
  3. American religious research

Box 5

  1. American religion mass media research
  2. American religion radio
  3. Modern radio research
  4. Modern radio research

Box 6 Oversize Box

  1. Copy of Dr. Lochte’s book
  2. Magazine Articles
  3. Newspaper Articles
  4. Three sets of CDs related to religious broadcasting


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