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COM 161: Home

This guide will help students in COM 161 get started with research.


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Public Speaking Anxiety Management

Does a course syllabus mentioning “required presentations” send you in search of a new major? Does the thought of enrolling in a public speaking class make you break out into a cold sweat or feel sick to your stomach…for days?  

Welcome to Public Speaking Anxiety Management (PSAM), a website designed to help you (yes, YOU!) become a more confident public speaker.

What's on each tab?

Finding topics


-Selecting a topic

-Gathering background info

-Narrowing a topic

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Creating a search plan


-Brainstorm keywords to search

-Combine keywords to search

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Gathering information

information sign

-Finding articles

-Finding books

-Evaluating sources

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Citing sources

credible hulk

-What is plagiarism?

-Major citation styles

-Advice on citation makers

Image source: Reasonist products (used with permission)

Business Librarian

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